10 Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Free [2023]

The best Putlocker alternatives list will help you find the best sites similar to Putlocker is a popular movie and TV shows streaming site. If you’re looking for the best movies to stream for free, the majority of us choose online streaming sites which allow you to stream any kind of TV and films without cost, but with annoying advertisements. Putlocker was considered to be the top site to stream television and films in particular, it was well-known across Britain. United Kingdom.

However, since it uploaded content in violation of law and was soon removed from the country. In the present, if you search for the site using Google it will show numerous other websites with the Putlocker name. It is basically an adapted variant of the first Putlocker website.

They aren’t like Putlocker and we wouldn’t suggest using them in substitute of Putlocker. After a quick investigation, we have discovered the top alternatives to Putlocker that are secure and free for you to utilize. Here, we will list the best options for you to use at no cost to make them available in lieu of Putlocker.


Putlocker is a portal on the internet that is popular for streaming movies and TV shows on a free basis within the UK. It was first introduced in 2012 and it took only a few years to be popular. Because the trend of streaming TV and movies shows online was on the rise, Putlocker got launched as an online streaming service that was free. Since it was packed with intriguing content, it was able to attract millions of users in just only a few months, and then it was the most popular website of the time.

The site offers a vast catalogue with a wide selection of Movies & TV shows including the latest and classic content. It is currently removed, but you may see other websites with the Putlocker name. (Those are duplicate websites). In general it was among the most popular free Movie streaming sites of the time.

Is Putlocker legal and safe?

Putlocker hosts TV programs and Movies in violation of copyright law. Any content you watch on the site was made available without the consent of the copyright owner who originally owned it. In terms of safety, honestly nobody can be more knowledgeable than the person who owns the Putlocker. However, there are certain things to assist us in determining if Putlocker is secure or not. Whichever Putlocker website you’re checking out, ensure you have SSL enabled and fully operational. It helps keep that connection between you and server secure.

Additionally it is also possible to install an extension for Adblocker in your browser to block the website from following you. With adblocker you’ll be protected from annoying advertisements and other ads. A VPN can help you avoid any type of problems that may happen to you when streaming content that you are not authorized to stream. There are numerous VPN services to choose from, but even if you aren’t able to afford the most expensive ones, try a free VPN to secure your connection.

Is the Putlocker brand dead? If yes, What Now?

The internet is constantly evolving and advancing, law enforcement and security agencies keep an eye on the negative things that is happening online to ensure the online environment is secure. When Putlocker first became popular and began to draw the attention of people who own of the copyrighted movies or TV show reported it to the authorities. Following that it was the Court in the UK Banned the Putlocker Site with a warning note to the administrator.

Since then, we’ve only discovered duplicate sites for Putlocker. The original Putlocker website was removed permanently, as per the court’s order. So, what’s next? There are streaming sites that are free to avid fans of Putlocker. If you’ve been a regular user of Putlocker, don’t despair as there are plenty of alternatives that are excellent. We will give the best alternatives to Putlocker which are safe and cost-free to stream films.

Note: We don’t endorse illegal TV shows and movies streaming sites. These sites could be considered illegal and this article is designed for educational use only.

10 Putlocker Options for the Best 2023

There are both paid and free pay-per-view alternatives for Putlocker Here, we will only provide alternatives that are free because Putlocker is a streaming site that was free. However, some of the listed below sites may not be secure or legal. In this instance we would suggest using an VPN for access to these websites. The following are the top alternative to putlocker in 2023:

One of the most popular shows among fans with regard to HBO Max’s programming is certainly, Friends. It was smart to me, at least for HBO Max to snatch up the rights to syndicate Friends prior to the debut of Max

1. PrimeWire

Best Putlocker Alternatives

PrimeWire is a web-based portal that provides free streaming of TV and movies. The site is renowned for streaming high-quality content without any buffering problems. It is also one of the sites which uploads the most recent movies just a few hours after their release. On PrimeWire you can browse every Genre collections that allow you to browse the titles from TV and Movies. To locate a specific type or type of video, PrimeWire offers the Filtering option.

If you select the Filtering option , it will provide you with some choices of content to choose from and, after that, it will display information based on the type of content that you mark. That’s something really cool and new PrimeWire provides.

We think this filtering feature is superior to searching through categories for hours to find the correct kind of content. You can still make use of its categories to find films. To sum up, PrimeWire is definitely recommended since it’s one of the top Putlocker alternatives.

2. FMovies

Best Putlocker Alternatives

It is a renowned streaming service that provides streaming of high-quality online. FMovies has an A-Z listing of TV and film shows that allows you to find information in just an hour. To locate a specific movie it is possible to use a search bar that pulls out contents based on the keywords that was entered into in the search field.

FMovies also has categories that allow you to look through and view the latest older, new, and upcoming movies or TV shows. They also have a distinct area on their homepage where they showcase the most popular television and film shows. In the event that you can’t locate the desired TV show or film, you can make a request on the website. Within a couple of hours, they’ll upload the content you requested for you.

It also features content that is specific to a country such as if you wish to stream movies or TV shows that are trending across the US then just choose that United State and they will present all the popular content from the US. Clicking upon any of the results, you’ll be in a position to stream. As of the time I write this post, they’ve developed a page of content based on country for five countries which include China, Taiwan, Korea as well as Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the end, FMovies is one of the most reliable Putlocker alternatives that provide high-quality, free streaming.


3. Tubi

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Tubi is a reputable platform for streaming movies and TV shows that cover all of the popular genres like Indian Films, Action, Anime, Classics, Comedy, Documentary, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Horror, Drama, Kids Show, and other. On this site you’ll always find something new to enjoy even if you are spending the entire time watching content. They offer thousands of video and audio that are available across all categories and in top-quality.

It’s all over the place, meaning you can access it with any device. For smartphones, it comes with an official application available on the App Stores. For unlimited streaming on the Tubi site, you’ll be required to sign-up, and that is also cost-free. Once you have signed in, you will be able to access the content available on the platform without any trouble. If you’re looking for a reliable streaming service then Tubi is most likely one of the top Putlocker alternatives.

4. SolarMovie

Best Putlocker Alternatives

It’s an extremely well-known streaming website that provides no-cost movies, TV shows and TV with a great feature that turns the lights off to allow streaming without interruption. SolarMovie has a wide selection of Movies that range that range from Bollywood to Hollywood You can find all kinds of Movies. If you’re looking to watch Horror films or Action movies, they are all accessible on SolarMovie at no cost.

The software for streaming works on any device of any kind insofar as it is capable of streaming video online. Finding videos on SolarMovie is easy too using its built-in search engine, you can search for any title , and it will display content related to the keyword you searched. The results of its search are more precise than rivals. Overall, with SolarMovie you can expect excellent streaming and a huge quantity of content. And the best part is that it is free. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for the top Putlocker alternatives.

5. GoMovies

Best Putlocker Alternatives

GoMovies are the most minimalist appearance and less pop-up ads every time you visit the website. Because of this, switching to a different movie after you’ve finished one will be more enjoyable. On GoMovies you can get the most up-to-date Movies or TV programs are currently in the news. The streaming links are often updated which means you won’t find any streams that are broken.

In addition, you will be able to see the movie’s description, genre, rating, Actors name before starting the streaming. These information will help you understand the movie more in depth. In addition to these features, GoMovies offers HD streaming for every video on its website. You’ll be able to use GoMovies since it’s one of the most reliable Putlocker alternatives.

6. AZMovies

Best Putlocker Alternatives

AZMovies has old to most recent content, and offers streaming movies that were first released on the market in 1948. Under it’s “Year” category it is possible to browse films and TV shows based on the year. It also provides a vast genre that covers Action, Adventure, Animation, Bio, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, etc. For similar types of content, discover categories on the top of the site to explore. You can also use the search box where you could search for a film or television show.

The greatest benefit that comes from AZMovies is it offers high-quality streaming without limitation. AZMovies is a highly recommended website If you’re searching for the most reliable Putlocker alternatives.

7. 123Movies

Best Putlocker Alternatives

It’s an extremely high-quality, free TV and movie streaming website that stands way ahead of the most popular streaming sites. The 123Movies website has demonstrated why they’re better than Putlocker or WatchFree on their home page. They have compared their features on their site to other sites that are popular. According to 123Movies’ website, they have the latest content, top-quality streaming, super-fast streaming, huge library, and top-rated films. They have all genres that ranges from Hollywood from the era of Hollywood to Bollywood and upload all content first.

On 123Movies, you are able to stream your favorite movies in 4K Ultra HD 1080p HD, 720p HD and 480p SD. While streaming, you are able to choose different formats and switch them anytime you like. This streaming program is highly efficient due to its lower buffering and no loading problems. You will have to register to take advantage of all the features offered by it.

In the end, it is considered to be one of the top Putlocker alternatives and is accessible in all countries. You can browse through movies and stream them in the best quality.

8. MoviesJoy

Best Putlocker Alternatives

MoviesJoy is a no-cost movie streaming website that has no advertisements. It lets you stream films online without the need to sign up or pay for it, and offers more than 10000 TV-Series and movies. You can download full movies from MoviesJoy to watch them later , if you’d like. When you go to the homepage of MoviesJoy, you will find the most popular movies available for you to stream. In the case of TV show, you’ll find a button that says Trending in the section that is trending, and by clicking that button you can change to the trending TV shows.

Here you can find the latest TV shows and streaming links. MoviesJoy is the one platform that is free where you can access the latest Movies & TV shows listed for you to view. The most appealing thing about MoviesJoy was that it doesn’t have ads on its sites while you watch your film without distraction. We strongly recommend checking out this no-cost and best alternative to Putlocker.


9. Movie4u

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Movie4u is a contemporary streaming of TV and film site with a massive collection of high-quality content. If you’ve been searching for a streaming service that is free with a user-friendly and contemporary interface, then Movie4u is the one we believe will be the perfect choice to end your search.

It is possible to find all the content available on the site effortlessly since it offers the alphabet-based search system. To ensure that you are searching for content with accuracy you can also make use of its built-in search bar.

Top IMDb Trending, Top IMDb and top rated movies and TV series are available to be found as the Movie4u site has a special category dedicated to these types of content. In the end, Movie4u is from the most reliable Putlocker alternatives, and we strongly recommend it for you to check it out.

10. HD Popcorn

Best Putlocker Alternatives
HD Popcorn

HD Popcorn is a big platform that lets you stream free films online and download unlimited movies without paying a dime. Their goal is to offer the highest quality service for the users who are free who are out there. They update their database nearly every day with the latest and newest movies. The films are all offered in high-quality and with a high speed of download. HD Popcorn really delivers a excellent online streaming without cost.

It has a huge selection of films in various categories such as Action, Adventures, Comedy, Animated, Horror, and more. This is an incredible online store for movies that lets you watch movies online in the order you want. Films are offered in original prints. Therefore, there is no reason to shell out money elsewhere to enjoy unlimited films no cost from any location. HD Popcorn is popular for its own brand name but it can be used as a substitute for Putlocker.


If you notice that the Putlocker server is full or not functioning, then you can try any of the alternatives we’ve suggested in the previous paragraphs. We’ve tried these no-cost and best Putlocker alternatives prior to putting them in our list. For the best experience, we recommend you visit these sites using the help of a VPN service to ensure a secure and safe connection. You can choose to use any premium or free VPN service.

Also, if you are able, install an Adblocker to ensure that every time you go to the site, you don’t get a pop-up directing you to an advert page. This will help avoid the annoying distraction of pop-up ads.

This is all. This is the final part of this article. Should you have ideas please leave a leave a comment below. You can share the Best Putlocker alternatives list with your friends who are also fans of streaming sites that are free to use.

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